Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July update!

So, here's our family update! All of the kids will be coming to visit us in August! YAY! =D We plan on going camping and fishing all over Washington and taking a trip to see Port Angeles, Forks, and the beach while they're here. We did want to take the ferry and go to Alaska... forget that on the ferry!! It would be $9,281 EACH WAY for us and our Suburban!!! Yikes! We'll get our passports and drive there next summer sheesh! We had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating with our neighborhood. It was an amazing day thanks again Orford's!! Paige and I spent a day in Seattle with one of my best friends, Hidi. We walked along the pier, got to meet the brother of John T. Williams (he was shot & killed during a presumed misunderstanding by a Seattle Police Officer, really sad for the officer involved and Mr. William's family, friends, and tribe. It would be such a tough call to make for Officer Birk! You can read about it here: John T. Williams) I am getting ready to start final exams next week which are always, eh, fun?! We'll be sure to post some pictures from our trip next month and continue to keep you updated!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

For the ladies!!

Here are a few signs to hang on your walls, paint them, scrap them, whatever your little heart desires!!